About Us

History of the Research Station

LRS Garividi was established during the year 1989 in the month of October as a state plan scheme (1989-1997) sanctioned vide G.O.R.T.No. 1497 Food and Agricultural (AGRI, III) Dept, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh at 20.6.1989 and Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University Proc. No. 69659/res.IV(1)/88 at 1.7.1989. 200 Nellore Jodipi sheep and Indigenous goats were transferred from Livestock Research Station, Chintala Devi in the year 1992 to carry out the research and extension activities. Performance of Nellore (Jodipi) and goats was studied during 1993-2000.

Comparative study of Nellore (Jodipi), local sheep and Nellore (Jodipi) X local sheep cross were carried out during 2000 – 2007. Local sheep were found to be superior to the other two, in terms of survivability, vigor, disease resistance and mothering ability. Since then, it was advised to improve the local breed through selective breeding


Objectives and Technical Programme

Improvement of Vizianagaram local sheep by selective breeding

Characterization of North Coastal Sheep

To supply the elite breeding rams to the farmers

To provide technical guidance in Livestock Production and Management to the farmers

Executive Summary of work done

128 ewes were bred out of 150 breedable ewes used for the technical programme using 12 breeding rams by adopting designated mating during June to August. Lambing occurred during October to January and the lambing percentage was 83.6%. A total of 56 ewe lambs and 51 ram lambs were born

Sheep Sheds

Shed-1                                                                  Shed-2


Shed-3                                                                 Shed-4


Shed-5                                                                  Shed-6


Shed-7                                                                  Shed-8


shed-9                                                                   shed-10


Shed-11                                                                Shed-12


Shed-13                                                               Shed-14


Cattle shed                                                          Poultry Shed


Feed and Agriculture Implement                  Farmers  Hostel

Storage Room